sweatervestboy (sweatervestboy) wrote,

A challenge poem

At his blog, David Congdon issued a challenge to match a poem about Karl Barth. I twisted it to my purposes, of course, and ended up with another Bach poem:

Bonhoeffer Argues with Barth Over Heaven and its Songs

Not the angels who skim across pins,
	en familie to Mozart and his lighted love of the air

Not the robed wonders who trade their antiphonal orders,
	the patterns of Palestrina from, first, the East, then West, the homes of human sins

Nor the simplest common chorales, broken off
	as the Psalters of Geneva, of Plymouth, of  Jerusalem and its steps

We believe in the prison and its concrete, impermanent walls,
	in the sermon for all those held captive

We revel in the God become flesh and the old world 
	of tangential dust gathered to touch, though not touch, the new  

Bach rewrote the world from the ground, bowed down 
	where the back can receive a blessing or thrashing, God knows 

When our mist burns away in the sun we will know 
	Deus non est in genere	

Praise will be made from the fugue of the earth, 
	all its broken voices silent at first 

Then circling to intone Vor deinen Thron tret ich hiermit, 
	Amen, amen, erhore mich

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